Quick overview

General / 18 June 2019

Hello! Not really a thing I do often now - new blog post, yay :)

And it's pretty personal - no tutorials or fancy step-by-step environment art or etc. More and more people ask me about my availability as 3d artist as well as about current projects I'm working on. Sadly I cannot spend so much time to have long enough conversation to discuss everything with everybody. Then first way to deal with it - talk with everyone at once.

So, here's a short summary:

I left Anvio.

Anvio is last company i've been working on. It was quiet hm... extraordinary experiece for me I could say. I got tonns of experience about team management and people relationship there. On the one hand I've met bunch of nice people and qualified game developers. On the other - insanly unefficiend management and toxic communication. I had an agreement to stay till the end of last company project - sci-fi shooter VR game. As soon as it was done - I had no point to spend my time there. 

After leaving I was invited back to Anvio to help with small promotional VR project as independent developer with a short  salary. Project was done, money not paid. After that I have no reason keep any contacts with this company. Sorry, my chineese friends - you have to contact Anvio directly. 

As an artist and developer I wish to remind to anyone who work on freelance or contract - even a big enough companies can work unfair. Be prepeared for this. 

DELTASPEED is dead. And revived.

"Deltaspeed" is a cyberpunk racing game project I've been working on past ~6 months. UE4, character interaction, high speed racing and tall neon buildings - as you expected. With some art twist ;) Sadly project files were lost during my experiments with local Peforce server. It was completele lost, cannot recover literally nothing from the project.

Sounds sad, yeah? Luckly there was almost no my own art involved. Only scripting and game mechanics. I'm almost recreated anything from scratch with more efficiency and optimisation. A bit of refresh. Wish I could show some fancy AAA promo video, but nope. Only with final art as soon as it's gonna be done. Or join my discord channel (https://discord.gg/cMXYzGx) to get latest info.

Curently project set on pause for next two months cause of next reason.


That the hell is DGMA you might ask? Digital Games Magisters Association? Damn Good Mockup Animations? Nope, nope, nope.

It's my small and ambitious game company. (Real translation sounds kinda dummy for game company, let's keep it in secret for now )

Things went so freaking fast - I've met bunch of people, visited some places, got a lot of ideas. There was no way I could ignore it and do not try to combine them all together to make something valuable. Now I spend all of my time to make things work - starting from office papers and network setup, ending with team management and art production. Jeez! People somehow found a small game companies, make funny games and earn enough money. Why I cannot do the same? I can. 

So no time for personal art projects for quiet a while.

It's gonna be short action VR experiece things. Cannot provide enough information untill first released project, sorry :) I'm also looking for freelance animators, VFX and character artists for commisioned work. So if there is a small chance you, my dear reader, an artist looking for some interesting projects - contact me directly =)

Stay tuned - as soon as it's gonna be ready you'll see additional info right here in next blog.

That's all for today.

Have a nice day today! ;)