Anvio VR game environements

General / 11 August 2018

Hey boys and girls!

It's been a while since i've moved to artstation website and posted something art-related, but now it's time - I have quiet a interesting thing to share with you.

Last months I've been working at AnvioVR company, which making free-roaming multiplayer full body VR games. What is this you might ask? Basically, this is game where you have VR computer set-up right at your backpack, plenty of space to walk (currently it's 10x15 meters rooms) and interact with virtual environments and enemies. Here's a video how it actually looks in real life.

I've always been pc-gamer and never had enough fun of any VR games (except robo-recall i suppose), but this ability to freely move your body in fake environment is like... wow! Project caught me a few minutes, and I've been honored to joined dev team to help with new upcoming sci-fi game, based on Unreal Engine 4.

It's gonna be a story of 2-4 space marines in heavy-robotic suites, you - one of them. You arriving to abandoned station on far-far located colony planet and need to investigate what happend with lab and reactor, fix any issues and prepare place for upcoming engineers. Gameplaywise It's mix of dead-space, alien isolation, chronicles of riddick movie and etc =) There will be scary parts, bunch of enemies to shoot, different guns, bosses, high-speed thavelling, huge open environments, teamwork and more. Sadly I had to switch company and will see final game only after release as default visitor =)

I've been responsible to fix existing environment issues, block out new levels, assembling using current assets, model missing parts and set up lighting.

Here is a WIP example of one of the game environements - this is second level player will visit. As players enter it fist time they appear at bottom floor and see what something's definitely happed here - creepy sounds, emergency lights and something else you'have to investigate by yourself =) On the way back players walk through same level again, but at the top floor. At that stage reactor should be already fixed, that's why level have different lighting scenario.

Emergency lighting artwork page

Normal lighting artwork page

Personally I highly recomend to visit something similar at you location and try this gameplay by yourself.